Table Field assay Exp pollen germination for two crop

Table 3.
Field assay (Exp. #2): pollen germination (%) for two crop Diphenyleneiodonium grown in field at increasing concentrations of Se (10 and 15 mg Se kg−1 DM). Data are expressed as percentage of pollen germinated value per sample examined. Standard deviations are in brackets, while letters represent the result of a Duncan\'s multiple range test (for each crop, means followed by different letters are significantly different at p < 0.05). P levels are associated to the F test in ANOVA.Crop speciesConcentration in peat (mg Se kg−1 DM)Pollen germination (%)Cucumber029.8 (3.82) b101.7 (1.21) c1579.8 (2.86) aP level< 10−17Tomato06.0 (2.53) c1039.7 (2.94) b1594.7 (3.27) aP level< 10−17DM: dry matterFull-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
3.3. Experiment #3 and #4—farm scale experiments
Exp. #3 and Exp. #4 were carried out to confirm the results obtained in Exp. #1 and #2 in a farm-like situation. For secondary cell wall experiments peat enriched with 10 and 20 mg Se kg−1 was used, as these concentrations had proven able to avoid any possible negative side effects on plant growth and pollen viability.