Blade & Soul: Files causes Tamer and overview of the rest of the classes

Blade & Soul: Files causes Tamer and overview of the rest of the classes

The forces Tamer is probably one of the most interesting and many classes. With its control on the elements of ice and fireplace, as well as the constant change of those two forces, he is extremely popular in PvP battles, because it can freeze enemies as well as himself can inflict brand new life energy with a protective covering of ice. He is the owner of the only class quite different extra skills depending on the selection of products. If you missed the other ideas of classes, can be found beneath with the following videos provide an overview.BNS gold

The Blade Learn (Blademaster) can be played through the Jin and Yun, providing a good mix of offensive because defensive capabilities. He is together with his "Dash" a more agile personality, which can throw enemies in to the air:

The Summoner (Summoner) is quite a special class: He is able to summon a companion who else goes for the summoner within the melee. This can act from afar and let his magic take action that turn out just inside the instances in a group to become very useful. This class can simply be played by the little Lyn.

The Destroyer (Berserker) can be played only from the giant race of Gon. It is aimed at wreaking chaos and can act in a team in the front line of battle. Using its ability to shield it can also behave passively and lift competitors, while other classes beharken this further.

The Kungfu learn is by far the most difficult course in Blade & Soul. He can start with sequences associated with skills nimble combos, however must make his power of your punches and kicks to their block behavior to trigger immense damage. It can be performed by the races Gon Jin and Yun.MMOROG Co.,Ltd