For most data plot mean values

One-year lateral buds on ‘Gala’ produce smaller Calcium chloride than spur or terminal buds (Volz et al., 1994). Consequently, on ASE, one-year lateral buds were removed, apart from one every 5–7 cm, which was de-blossomed to provide additional choice of floral sites the following season. On FCT, all one-year lateral buds were de-blossomed. On Controls, fruit was removed from one-year laterals after recording fruit set. Fruit set was recorded after final fruit drop and prior to setting final crop loads. Final crop loads were set by hand-thinning. The same criteria for retention of buds used in ASE were used to select clusters to retain fruit in Controls. Over all thinning methods, where fruit was held on 4 or 6 buds cm−2 BCA, these were thinned to 4 and 6 fruit cm−2 BCA respectively, with a single fruit per bud. Treatments where fruit was held on 2 buds cm−2 BCA were thinned to 4 fruit cm−2 BCA, leaving two fruit per bud. On all treatments, where necessary, two fruit per bud were retained to achieve target fruit densities.