Sinorock can provide the special products upon the customer requirements

For many years,Sinorock now has been the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of self drilling anchor bolt in China.The self drilling anchor bolt has a very wide range of uses, from load-bearing structural elements to precision made components to meet high demands in machinability and fatigue strength. Self drilling anchor bolts are used widely to improve the stability and load bearing characteristics of a rock mass. Often they are used to stabilize relatively small blocks of rocks in cuttings, slopes and underground excavations such as tunnels, caverns and mines. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with other support systems such as ground anchorages.

Self drilling anchor bolt is beneficial for slope stabilization and also used for load transfer from soft strata to hard strata. As far as safety aspect concern it gives better results because of its stabilization and homogeneity between all rocks.

Sinorock is able to react quickly to customer needs. That same attention to superior service also applies to Sinorock's ability to design and produce special and custom anchor bolts quickly.Sinorock also has a complete team offering the service from site construction and anchor selection to technical adjustment. Above all it can provide the customer the most professional and reasonable scheme.It not only provides standard products, but also the special products upon the customer requirements.