US Space and Rocket Center - Biggest Alabama Tourist Attractions


US Space and Rocket Center is the biggest Alabama tourist attractions and every person who visits Alabama makes an effort to visit and see this world-renowned center. There are a number of amazing things to see and learn at the US Space and Rocket Center and it is an awesome place to visit and see the whole family.



Children of all age groups will love the demonstrations, hands-on exhibits, IMAX movies, and many more which are offered at the Center. Each and everything at the Center focuses on the exploration of space whether it is something currently going on, from the past, or part of the future.


There are many rides as well as simulators that children will really like. The Space Walk is specifically popular because those who take part feel as if they are really in space. The rides that children mostly like takes them through an exploration to complete the International Space Station. It is realistic because it is motion-based and mostly children like it. On the other hand, the simulator is the Space Station and it is mission based. It is also motion-based and well-known because it shoots to those who take part, into the air more than 140 feet with G forces. Additionally,


a G-Force Accelerator spins to those who take part while allowing them to feel more than three times the force of gravity. If all of these demonstrations at US Space and Rocket Center which is one of the Alabama tourist attractions are not sufficient for fun then you will want to try the Mars Climbing Wall from where you can climb up a cliff on a Martian volcano.