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C. pepo is mainly commercialized in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain, Italy, France, Turkey and Greece. In particular, Almería (Southern Spain) is the main area of vegetable production in Europe, summer squash being one of the most important vegetables in terms of production volume.
In recent years, the evaluation of nutritional compounds in fruits belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family has motivated works such as those TC-E 5003 about dry matter, soluble sugars, and vitamin C on cucumber (Huang et al., 2009); carotenoid content on melon (Condurso et al., 2012); ascorbic acid and antioxidant activity on gourd (Karmakar et al., 2013). In this context, different nutritional properties have been recently attributed to edible parts of C. pepo, such as fatty acids, carotenoids and vitamins on seeds ( Procida et al., 2013); ash, crude protein, fiber, fat and protein free extract on flowers (Sotelo et al., 2007), or mineral composition on fruits ( Víllora et al., 2000 and Martínez-Valdivieso et al., 2014).