Direct sale marketing concept in india

Direct sale marketing concept in india

Direct Selling with bvmbusiness

Congratulations on your decision to start your career in direct sales. To most people, this is the field that can help satisfy a number of your human needs:

  • Gain more connections;
  • Learn new things;
  • Improve business skills;
  • Make a difference; and
  • Earn residual income (part-time to all the way up to a full-time income.)

This venture can be your key to becoming your own boss, make lots of money and gain more friends

What is Direct Selling?

In bvmbusiness Direct selling as the marketing and selling of products or services away from a fixed retail location eliminating the need for wholesalers, middlemen, retailers and advertisers.

In a traditional sales process, products or services  go through different distribution channels before they can land in to retail stores for sale to customers.


Notice that before the goods can reach customers, markup percentages were already added on to the cost of products by:

  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Middlemen
  • Agents
  • Retail Stores

In direct selling, the channel commonly includes only the manufacturing company (which can also be the direct selling company), the distributors and the customers.

Sale of products or services in direct selling is done by Independent Distributors who earn income through commissions.

Instead of using advertising for product awareness, independent distributors use word of mouth advertising to promote the products – like testimonials and product demos.