Find A Unique Experience In Your Vietnam Vacations

Find A Unique Experience In Your Vietnam Vacations

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia with a very diverse culture, nature and different climatic zones. The country is original and its simple way of life cannot be compared with the European. In big cities is a colonial atmosphere, the climate in the south is sultry and exotic central Vietnam has many historical highlights while the north is still largely untouched. In your Vietnam trip you decide where to go, how long you want to stay in a city and what activities you want to do.


Explore the beauty of Vietnam from north to south where you can make interesting excursions to isolated islands, colorful hill tribe villages, visit national parks, mountain rice terraces, experience Vietnamese life style and taste local specialties. From north to south, Vietnam offers so many wonderful places to discover. Vietnam Vacations can take you from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City to the peaceful lakes region and the city of Hanoi. If you love to explore a country by stepping into the shoes of its people, a Sapa home stay could be exactly what you’re looking for. Browse through Vietnam tours and start planning your own journey to Vietnam today!


Vietnam's history of wars, colonization and communism has begun to fade, and the country is awakening as a desirable travel destination. Vietnam's landscape is full of contrasts to explore. Through Vietnam Vacations experience majestic temples, rich in history, the Tombs in Hue, and the breathtaking coastline. From the peaceful capital city of Hanoi to the stunning natural beauty and emerald waters of Halong Bay; from the ancient streets of Hoi An to the to the rural charm of the Mekong Delta; from the vibrant city life of Saigon to the historical Cu Chi Tunnels, there’s so much to explore and discover! The more you explore bustling cities, and enjoy our mouth-watering delicacies, the longer you’ll want to stay.


With its long history, rich culture and beautiful nature, Vietnam is one of the most attractive destinations for travellers all over the world who are looking for a pleasant vacation to Asia. Whether you are planning your trip to Vietnam to explore in depth, want to visit mysterious thousand year old ancient cities, or experience the modern vibes of the world's booming development, RED LOTUS TRAVEL is your best travel agency for making your dream vacation comes true. We create reasonable tours for our customers so that they may experience the rich history, exotic life style, and breathtaking landscapes.


Vietnam is becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations. Vietnam Vacations, a holiday of a lifetime where with the help and aid of an organized tour, you will get to see most spectacular places on this world.