what is a voice stress analysis test and is it accurate

Voice stress analyzer

Although D/Sgt. Felsman wanted to believe the officer, the charts from the VSA clearly displayed deception. With the other evidence, the officer was tried and convicted of lewd conduct with a minor and sentenced to prison. Det./Sgt. Felsman states that the use of the voices stress analyzer test helped solve the case and got a bad cop off of the streets.

Another situation happened in Wisconsin where Analyst/D/Capt. Kenneth Manthey of the Portage Police Department reported that he was paged to a possible homicide scene only one hour after returning home from a VSA Certified Examiners Course. A 56 year-old woman was found dead in her boyfriend's apartment but because of her medical problems due to alcoholism, it was difficult to determine the exact cause of death although there were no signs of foul play. An autopsy was performed the next day and the cause of death was determined to be a blow to the back of the head. The forensic pathologist stated that it could have come from a fall or from being struck. Although the boyfriend was an alcoholic of 32 years, he was asked to take a voice lie detection exam and agreed. One of the differences between a polygraph test and a voice stress test is that the polygraph would be negatively affected if the examinee was intoxicated. However, the voice stress test is unaffected by alcohol, drugs or medications. After being confronted with the deceptive charts and informed of the results, the suspect confessed and told the detectives that he had knocked her down during a fight and had kicked her in the head while she lay on the floor. The subject was taken into custody and charged with first degree homicide. D/Capt. Manthey states that Defense Barrier Removal that he had just learned in the CEC was invaluable in eliciting the confession from the killer. You can check out how does voice stress analysis work to know additional about this..

In Ohio at the Seven Hills Police Department, Analyst/Det. Jeffery Gezymalla and Analyst D/Sgt. Mark Horvath reported that they were asked to conduct a voice stress analyzer exam on a female that a neighboring city police department suspected of stealing more than $73,000.00. The test questions were predicated upon the information given by the officer that transported the woman that she was suspected of cashing the missing check. Following the lie detector test voice stress, Det. Gezymalla determined that the suspect did not cash the missing check. At that time a detective arrived from the neighboring agency and informed Det. Gezymalla that the suspect was not, in fact, suspected of cashing the check, but rather of arranging to have it transported out-of-state. A new exam was conducted based on the new information and deception was clearly indicated. Although the suspect adamantly denied any involvement at that time, the detectives from the neighboring agency called the next day to inform Det. Gezymalla that the suspect had given them a full confession that she had stolen the check, arranged to have it transported out-of-state, and had another person cash it.

These are great examples that prove voice stress analysis accuracy and reliability.