Freight train carrying sulphuric acid derails in Australia

3 males are comprehended to have received minor injuries in the collision.

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Police declared an emergency situation at the crash site 20 kilometres (12 miles) eastern of the community of Julia Creek, which has actually been hard to accessibility due to flooding

A freight train lugging 200,000 litres of sulphuric acid has thwarted in Australia, with a two-kilometre exclusion area around the remote crash website in Queensland in position Monday.

Queensland Rail stated its surveyors had actually not been able to explore just what caused the derailment because roadways in the region were cut off due to flooding.

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Airborne photos revealed wagons resting Le Vian on their side sprinkled around the location, which has likewise been struck by hefty rainfall as well as flooding.

"One engine and also all 26 wagons are on their side adhering to the case," said a spokeswoman for Queensland Rail.

Police stated there had been a small leak of sulphuric acid as well as spillage of diesel gas from the mishap which occurred on Sunday.

Assessor Trevor Kidd told the Australian Transmitting Company on Monday that analyses were being made about whether the spill had influenced the atmosphere, yet worried it was in a remote location.

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