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Voice stress analysis test

Voice stress analysis test - An analyst and polygraphist detective of the Burbank, California Police Department was contacted by another law enforcement agency requesting a voice stress analysis test on a suspect that had been accused of sexual assault. The subject had taken a polygraph with that agency's new computerized polygraph and the exam was inconclusive. The voice stress test does NOT experience inconclusive results. This is one of the many reasons why law enforcement rely upon the more accurate voice lie detection testing.

The alleged victim was the daughter of a high level local government official, but the detectives were concerned about the victim's credibility. The suspect agreed to take the voice stress exam and his denials of any sexual assault were shown to be truthful. The resulting investigation revealed evidence that cleared the suspect and confirmed that the victim had lied about the sexual assault. Because of the accuracy, that agency has since purchased their own voice stress testing equipment.

At the Volusia County Sheriff's Department in Florida, a voice stress analyst was assigned to work a homicide in which a 73 year old woman had been brutally raped and murdered in her home. The case was classified as a Cold Case and had been closed for over a year. A new suspect had recently been developed and agreed to take a voice stress analyzer test in order to clear himself from suspicion. When asked if he had committed the murder, the subject passed the exam. When asked if he was involved in the murder, the subject failed. When confronted with the results of the exam, the subject admitted that he was the lookout during the murder and named his accomplice. The Volusia Co. Sheriff's Department now has several voice analysts on staff, as well as over a dozen detectives trained as voice stress examiners.

In Indiana, Detective Posthuma reported that in his very first exam utilizing the voice stress analysis test, he was asked to verify the allegations made by a 13 year old girl against her stepfather. The girl had made the allegations of molestation and had then retracted them when pressed for details, leaving detectives to wonder what the truth was. Her mother was asked to allow her to submit to a VSA exam and she agreed. The charts were so clear, showing that she had been molested, that the detective confronted her with the charts. The little girl then admitted that the molestation had happened several times but that she had recanted her story when she saw how sad her mother was when her stepfather was forced to leave the house. Go to voice stress analysis vs polygraph for additional data.

A voice stress analyst at the Covington Police Department in Kentucky reported that a woman was found brutally stabbed to death in her house. An individual later appeared at police headquarters and told detectives that he had information concerning the victim and various crimes that she had been involved in. After listening to the information, detectives felt that the subject giving the information may have been involved in the murder and felt that it was necessary to eliminate him as a suspect. The subject agreed to take a voice stress exam and the results confirmed that he was the killer.