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When you fly to your vacation destination, see an army helicopter fly in the sky above or witness the power of a supercharged plane, consider all the parts that are working together. Many folks do not realize that there is an entire industry of suppliers behind the scenes, responsible for the safety of these necessary transports and aircraft.

For example, just like your car has an air filter, fuel filter and oil filter, supercharged aircraft, aquatic machines and army helicopters have their own filtration systems that need to be serviced. An essential maintenance element is replacing a variety of specialty metal mesh filters. But unlike the various filters in our regular automobiles, the filter systems in army aircraft and supercharged flying machines can't be picked up at the auto store down the street.

The filters produced for military planes vary. Although one type of aircraft might require coalescing or hydraulic filter units, a different one might require a mesh filtration. Just about every aircraft filter is specifically produced for the aircraft it is made for and doesn't fit in other similar aircraft.

Filtration units of stainless steel are often used in applications where paper filtration systems are inadequate. Filters of stainless steel are composed of many sections that can handle very high temps., high pressure and corrosive chemicals that would destroy paper filtration systems. Typical uses include choppers and military aircraft.

So who manufactures the filters that make sure our country's army vehicles or even space craft work at peak performance? AS9100 approved contractors supply aerospace and other essential pieces for the US government, such as those utilized on military aircraft and the Space Shuttle. The US military and many foreign countries won't contract with firms that are not as9100 certified, because they haven't adopted the standards of development required for safe operations. Companies that practice the proper standards are also called National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program approved suppliers since they have undergone rigorous processes and shown a knowledge of the specialized procedures for these demanding vehicles.

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