Saying goodbye to Lanny Horwitz iPad exclusive: Saying goodbye to Lanny HorwitzSurrounded by friends and family, Lanny's sister arranged a special tribute to set his ashes free in the Florida waters on what would have been the murder victim's 68th birthday2042014-06-23T22:47:46ZiPad Exclusives iPad exclusive: A tiger mom's crusade for justiceGael Schneider says she knew who murdered her daughter, Nicole Pietz, in 2006. She talks with "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant about her one-woman psychological warfare campaign to taunt the alleged killer2122014-06-20T19:01:45ZiPad Exclusives iPad exclusive: Tattoo artist on his friendship with Reeva SteenkampSteenkamp and Pepi Dimevski, the owner of SA Hardcore Tattoos in Johannesburg, became friends after he gave Reeva her first tattoo, a poem on her back, six years before her shooting death.732014-06-17T02:17:26ZiPad Exclusives iPad exclusive: Our neighbor, the serial killerFor Nicole and James Woodard, living in Northern Miami in the early 1970s was seemingly idyllic. But on the evening of March 29, 1972, their mild mannered neighbor Paul Rowles made their quiet apartment complex a scary and deadly place to live.1882014-06-03T02:53:27ZiPad Exclusives iPad exclusive: Chilling 911 call foreshadows brutal murder attemptOn Oct. 25, 2011, Melissa Dohme called 911 as she was being attacked by her ex-boyfriend. Dohme says he had assaulted and threatened her in the past, but she kept it secret until the call to police. Three months later, Burton stabbed her 32 times1622014-05-30T18:37:45ZiPad Exclusives