pcb pcb Car Lamps - A Key device Relating to Drivers Life

Car Lamps - A Key device Relating to Drivers Life More and more people become car owners nowadays. And as a car owner, you might have already realized that the first thing you need to consider is safety. Car lighting system is definitely one of the most important aspects for safety. First, car headlights illuminate the road to help you drive safely at night, and they also make your car visible to others at night. These all ensure your safety. Since car headlights are important, so it is worthwhile to put in some time understanding the various parameters involved in choosing the right car lights.

If the headlights of your car do not produce enough light, then you can not see the road clearly. You might need to strain your eyes in the darkness and this can result in stressing the body as a whole. This will also cause you hit some obstacles. Even to the most experienced drivers, they might have difficulties in driving long distances at night because of not having bright headlights.

When choosing lamps for your cars, you should also need to consider the water resistance ability of the lamps. During the rainy weather, water can seep into the bulbs. This will make the bulbs to become dimmer. So when the weather is not good and the light is poor, you are really endangering your life as well as the life of others using the road when driving at night. http://pcbonline.bloggersdelight.dk/the-benefits-of-fish-oil-continue-to-grow/ So to have a lamp with water resistance is also important.

Actually, I think it is a wise choice for some people installing LED pour lamps on their cars, since LED lamps will http://blogs.psychologies.com/pcbonline/assembly-electronics-industry-224438.html be brighter and also save energy. In generally, there are mainly two types of LED lamps, the refractor LED bulbs is conventional and the SMD/SMT LED bulbs are the latest new ones, which are supported with surface mounting device or surface mounting technology.

The refractor has very narrow angle for the light emitting LEDs, which has the water drop design, such as the plastic refractors on the top of the light emitter, used for concentrating the light. This kind of LEDs are often used as spot lights and its light angle is no more than 150-degree. However, the latest new SMD/SMT LEDs, which are just on the contrary, designed with flat emitting surfaces. And there is a much wider angle to match the flat surface. This can emit a nice flooding light and it is also relatively brighter than refractor LEDs, the lighting angle can reach an amazing full 360-degrees.This new kind of LEDs are much popular now also because of it is easier to assemble onto the PCB circuit board.

So, according to the results of comparison showed that the refractor LEDs seems suit better because of its concentrated lighting, and it can cover greater distances. So, if you are planning to replace the stock side marker lights or parking lights with LEDs, you should know how to choose now.

Finally, I really want to remind your car owners: to be careful for choosing lamps for your car. The right lamps will make you and others safer.

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