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Transformer Manufacturers in Bangalore Electricity is a kind of energy which is used in homes and industries for different purpose. Due to the wide usage, it is considered to be a vital part of life. The flow of the energy has to be stable because any kind of fluctuation can cause problem and sometimes it can also be a major issue. This energy is controlled by transformers so that there is no fluctuation when electricity is supplied to different locations. Transformers are of various types and some of them are:

1. Power Transformers: These transformers are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure better service in electricity and engineering industries. You will find 3 Phase power transformers to sustain high load, Isolation transformers to protect against noise disturbance which is caused when electricity flows and the phase transformers.

2. Control Transformers: These transformers are used basically to convert high power into lower voltage. They have a device which helps in transferring energy from one to another circuit. There is a coil inside the transformer which helps in controlling the powder supply. You will find different types of control transformers in the market and can sustain different powder of energy. You can buy transformers depending on your need.

3. Auto Transformers: This is widely used because of its efficiency and lower cost. Very little copper is used to manufacture these transformers and it provides a much better voltage regulation.

4. Isolation Transformer: This transformer is mostly used to protect sensitive equipments like computers and other medical equipments. It controls the fluctuation of electricity which is very important to run these equipments smoothly. Multiple shield technology used for manufacturing the transformer helps in controlling the input voltage and brings it down to a useful level.

5. PCB Mountable Transformers: These electricity control device are known to work for a longer duration and can control high load. They also provide noise free service.

6. SMPS Ferrite Transformers: These high quality transformers are widely used by electricity and engineering industries because they deal with high voltage and need to control it to protect their appliances.

7. High Voltage Transformers: These transformers are manufactured using high quality material to make sure that they are durable and can sustain high power flow.

Trans Care is one the leading transformer manufacturers in Bangalore. The company was established in the year 2000 and their transformers provide guaranteed maintenance, and free service. The high quality materials used in these transformers also make them highly durable.
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