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Knee Specialists

From walking to participating in sports, each day millions of people make the decision to be fit. The healthy choices may put extra strain on the body. When continuous joint pain or an injury occurs, the task of finding the right ankle and knee specialists may add to the frustration. An orthopedist treats issues dealing with the musculoskeletal system including, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. In Huntington Beach, finding the right ankle and knee specialists may take research.


Consult Health Insurance Representative

One of the biggest factors to consider when seeking ankle and knee specialists is the current health care provider. Each health insurance provider has different guidelines and rules for medical care. The health insurance representative will be able to send a potential patient a directory of available doctors within the Huntington Beach area.


The doctors within the health care network will accept the insurance for maximum coverage according to the policy’s guideline. Working with the health insurance provider will help in reducing the out of pocket costs for medical treatment. In some situations, surgery may cost thousands of dollars. Working with the health care provider is beneficial for both medical treatment and the final expenses.


Ask the Family Doctor

With the complete medical history, the family doctor is a major resource for recommending ankle and knee specialists. Ask for referrals based on the individualized issues. The family doctor or the courteous staff may be able to make the appointment with the specialist to help speed the process along.



Go to the Internet

The Internet is a valuable resource tool for finding ankle and knee specialist in the Huntington Beach area.


- Read online review boards to find out how other patients with similar conditions viewed the doctor’s treatment and overall care approach.

- Consult the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

- Check local resources and Huntington Beach directories.

- Check the potential new doctors’ websites to see if new patients are being accepted.


Get Referrals

Under most circumstances, a person has already needed the expertise of knee and ankle specialists. Ask for referrals from friends, family members, co-workers and others. When seeking out names, find out why the doctor was the best for the treatment received. Each person will have reasons for picking the doctor of their choice. If one doctor does not work for the type of medical issue, a second opinion is available.


Huntington Beach Knee Specialists

In the Huntington Beach area, Dr. Howard Marans will work with each patient in an individualized manner to find the best treatment program for the current medical condition. Starting with an accurate diagnosis based on medical history, physical exam and testing, Dr. Marans will explain all medical treatments available with the desired outcome for each option.


In most cases, he will start with a non-surgical approach to allow a patient to return to normal, healthy activities with the shortest amount of recovery time. When the injury or disease is too severe, Dr. Marans will explain the need for surgery to correct the issue. Along with the expectations the procedure will provide in the treatment process.


Dr. Marans accepts PPO and works with other insurance companies to give each patient a chosen medical treatment program without creating a financial hardship. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981