Water clarity Chlorophyll a concentration Chl Total suspended

3.2.1. Water clarity
3.2.2. Chlorophyll-a concentration ([Chl])
3.2.3. Total suspended BIX 02565 (TSM)
Table 3.
Recommended standard remotely sensed products.Standard productsAdditional productsAOPsRrs(λ), Kd(λ), Zeu (or Z10%)IOPsa(λ), aCDOM(λ), aNAP(λ), aph(λ), bbp(λ)Biogeochemical[Chl], TSM, POM, PIM, DOM, DIMPrimary productivity, phytoplankton functional typesFull-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
3.2.4. Colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM)
The abundance and composition of CDOM in natural waters play an important role in ecological and photochemical processes by modulating the spectral light regime. Remote estimation of aCDOM from Rrs(λ) is challenging due to the spectral overlap between aph and adg and the spectral similarity between aNAP and aCDOM ( Brezonik et al., 2015, Carder et al., 1991 and Roesler et al., 1989). Many studies have utilized empirical relationships between band ratios and aCDOM with great success ( Brezonik et al., 2015, Kahru and Mitchell, 2001, Mannino et al., 2008, Tehrani et al., 2013 and Tiwari and Shanmugam, 2011). However, the desire to retrieve many OACs simultaneously, demands improved separation of aph and adg from the total absorption coefficient and the removal of aNAP from adg ( Dong et al., 2013, Le and Hu, 2013 and Zhu et al., 2011).