You can observe this red button inside the picture, just click on it and you'll begin to see initial advertisements, you've to go to each website for just 20 seconds-then you've to place the signal granted and click on the next website key, that's the way you will simply watch ads in only Three Minutes. But you you should not bother about it. Simply, keep on examining traffic monsoonis account 2-3 times a day as a way to find these income links so that you can click as many PTC ads as you you would like to advertise your internet site free in traffic monsoon, then see the traffic trade advertisements by pressing Start Surfing” switch.

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This isn't a guarantee of money, but by mentioning new members of that which you may make an example links. Keep in mind that you should scan atleast 10 sites every twenty four hours while in the Traffic Trade to qualify to make money on your effective discussing positions. Advertising gözüküyorsa üstünde paket başına ''20'' gösterim sayısı yazıyorsa tamamdır.

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