Hiring a Training Consultant to Design or Deliver Staff Training

Hiring the Right Training ConsultantIt is important to consider the key elements described when hiring and negotiating contract terms with an outsourced training consultant. With careful consideration of the needs of the audience as well as the needs of the company or organization, a training consultant can be hired that will produce effective corporate training.Knowledge of the Industry and Workers

Probably the most important consideration when choosing a training consultant is whether they have a comprehensive knowledge of the audience and industry. A training consultant who is not well versed on the challenges the workers face, such as the limitations or barriers that can prevent learning or participation, will design training that does not meet learning objectives.

Workers want training that will be relevant to the work they do. If the trainer isnt knowledgeable about what the audience does or what the industry or customer expectations are, the training can miss the mark and cause learners to disengage. One common problem with external consultants is that they may be more familiar with management or executive level employees and not as familiar with the duties of front-line staff. Trainers who have worked in the industry can be ideal if they also have solid adult education teaching experience or adult education training.

Skills Training Consultants Bring to Training Design

When hiring a training consultant, it is important to consider if they are bringing the needed skills to the table that will value add to the training initiative. Often, there are barriers that the training design needs to overcome such as participants in different locations, or with learning limitations such as English language, computer or scheduling constraints. Training consultants with eLearning skills or plain language writing ability can be very valuable during training development.

Creating a Practical Training Plan

Another important consideration when hiring a training consultant is to see if they ask good questions about available resources including internal staff that can act as content experts, process registrations, and upload web content and/or do web design. Also, consultants should ask questions about corporate cultural expectations (e.g. catering requirements, type of venue) or budget limitations.

Resources Consultants Can Offer

Sometimes training consultants can bring resources to the table such as: access to training facilities; staff within the consulting company that can handle the logistics such as registrations, catering ordering, web promotion and so on.

Consultant Hiring Basics

Other questions to consider are:

Are the training consultants prices competitive?Does the training consultant have good references?Is the training consultant available when you need the training?Considering the above characteristics when choosing a training consultant can ensure that the right consultant is hired and the training design is relevant, current, and practical. The right consultant will ensure the training initiative is within budget and will not drain precious internal resources.