Competitions and release date associated with Albion Online MMORPG

Competitions and release date associated with Albion Online MMORPG

The actual opening of closed beta Albion Online almost right here. One of the most anticipated MMO this season end will be available from Mon 23 November at midday. The opportunity for us to offer you 1 pack founder and twenty access keys to the video Albion Online gold

Albion Online is an MMORPG called "sandbox" cross-platform (Windos, Mac, Linux, iOS as well as Android tablets and smartphones) in medieval style. The overall game is free and offers gamers a complete character customization program without having to choose a particular course. The economy will be completely developed by the players and PvP fights are promised, dynamic. You are going to besiege, claim and protect territories in an open globe.

You can also find more information on employees and Albion Online resources along with a more detailed presentation of the classless combat system in our earlier items.

Date de écoulement d'Albion Online

Here the next schedule which the founders may connect to servers in the shut beta:

- Legendary creators: from November 23 in 12: 00 GMT

-- Epic founders: from Nov 24 at 12: 00 GMT

- Founders Experts: from November 25 from 12: 00 GMT

If you wish to upgrade your pack founding within later to see access to the overall game earlier this is also possible.

Albion Contest Online, how to take part?

We have a pack creator and 20 access secrets to earn you to access the sport upon its release.

Find out our explanatory video beneath to enter the contest.[more]