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This day tour combines the underground exploration activity of lava caving, a visit to Geysir hot springs, trip to the amazing Gullfoss waterfall and the Þingvellir National Park.


Your day begins with a trip to the Blue Mountains where you will get to explore hidden lava caves beneath the surface. Within the dark depths you will see a different landscape which previous volcanic eruptions are responsible for making. Features including lava tubes and hanging icicles are among the things you will see.


The next stage of the Golden Circle Iceland tour takes you to the magnificent waterfalls at Gullfoss, undoubtedly, Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls. Here you will marvel as the water cascade over 30 feet down is a series of steps in a stair-like fashion. The sheer power of the water and the beauty of one of nature’s wonders will leave you breathless as you get the opportunity to get close to the curtain of falling water.


You will break for lunch after taking in the grand waterfalls before proceeding to the geothermal hotspot of Iceland, Geysir. Here you will witness another of nature’s powerful creations, earth gurgles which shoot columns of superheated water into the air at regular intervals. You will get a chance to bathe in a naturally heated pool of water so have your bathing suit ready.


The final stop on this tour will be Þingvellir National Park or Parliament Fields in English. It is the birthplace of Iceland’s parliament, the oldest in the world. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will get to learn a bit about the history of Iceland and the park as a Viking meeting place. the park is also a geographically significant place.


You will be able to see where the Eurasian and American tectonic plates meet and the rift valley forming, as a result, is clearly visible. One of the best snorkelling locations is also within the park, the Silfra fissure, formed as a result of the tectonic plates slowly drifting apart. The short drive back to the capital city provides you a chance to reflect on the day’s activities and relive some of the outstanding activities of the day.


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Legal Disclaimer: The tour operator will not be held responsible for any accidents which may occur during the Golden Circle Tour and activities that are deemed to be the result of participant’s actions. We require you to sign a waiver prior to embarking on the tour accepting the risks associated with participating in these activities.


The Golden Circle Tour Iceland is a superb Tour for families visiting Iceland. There is the Golden Circle Iceland Tour & Lava Caving, Blue Mountains Lava Caving and Golden Circle Sightseeing Combined Tour including the Golden Circle Iceland Tour. These day tours combine the underground exploration activity of lava caving, a visit to Geysir hot springs and lots of other natural sightseeing.


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