Export your Outlook Mac Emails to other Mail Applications

Exporting Outlook Mac emails into a format that is compatible with other mail applications is called mail migration. Since the content in our emails is always sensitive and important, it would be a huge inconvenience if they got lost or corrupted. However, with a good mail migration tool, you can access your Outlook Mac email content from various applications, for example, Windows Outlook. These tools are usually referred to as OLM to MBOX file converters.


The OLM Converter Pro – the best Outlook Mac mail migration tool


The OLM Converter Pro is a powerful software which can professionally convert your Outlook Mac files into a more common format called MBOX. The MBOX file formats offer Mac users access of other mail application platforms which include: Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008 and even Postbox. The OLM Converter Pro is the only tool in the current market that guarantees you the safety of your data. It also has an exclusive feature that allows this program to arrange all your converted files and folders into the exact same structure and hierarchy as they were original. Other tools in the market are incapable of keeping your mail content in tact which causes a lot of inconveniences.


Features included in the OLM Converter Pro Licensed version


The OLM Converter Pro full version contains a lot of useful features that make your OLM to MBOX mail data conversion fun and simple. For instance, Mac users will experience:


Easy conversion Outlook Mac 2011 (OLM) files to Apple Mail – within one click, and in just a matter of minutes, the OLM converter pro will migrate all your mail data, including attachments and Non-English content to Apple mail. You can then access these files with ease since all the folders are arranged in the same structure as in the original Outlook Mac Database.


Accurate conversion of OLM files to Microsoft entourage 2004/2007 – the OLM Converter Pro will convert all your mail data such as mails, calendars and social contacts from your Outlook for Mac 2011 to Microsoft entourage within no time.


Export OLM files to EML file format – the OLM Converter Pro is also a pro at converting OLM files to EML. With the help of the powerful and versatile OLM Converter Pro wizard, the whole process becomes fun, easy and self-explanatory.


Migrate all mail data including non-English content – most OLM conversion tools are incapable of converting your Non-English content, which may lead to the loss of important data during the conversion process. On the other hand, the OLM Converter Pro easily converts your Non-English content, including languages that contain double-byte characters such as Japanese and Chinese, to MBOX as well as other formats.


You will not leave important email attachments behind using this tool – this specific feature ensures that all the attachments in your Outlook Mac Database are safely converted and stored in the exact same folders as they were before so you can find them easily.


Try the OLM Converter Pro Demo Version free of charge


The OLM Converter Pro has a demo version that allows you to convert up to 10 items in each and every folder and sub-folder in your Outlook Mac 2011 database in the comfort of your own home. After trying the demo version, the full licensed version will prove irresistible.