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The boss will have the old drop table witheverything at the same WOW Gold rarity(including sigils)!We are looking forwardto seeing what you have to say on the subject of Corp and invite any andall comments below(or anywhere else you can get a hold ofus)’s a huge week for all the treasure huntersout there as treasure trails have received a massive boost.

There areover 180 new Rs 3 Golditems available to be discovered by solving cluescrolls including third age weaponry,new outfits and a host of otheritems.There are new rewards and brand new clues for every level oftreasure trail.For the most advanced treasure hunters there are brandnew elite clue scrolls,if you are able to solve these will help youuncover the rarest rewards.Elite treasure trailsElite clues areavailable as rare drops from a selection of bosses and high levelmonsters.These clue scrolls present the biggest challenge to alltreasure hunters and have the highest requirements of any cluescroll.Exclusive to elite clue scrolls are new skill challenges.Skillchallenges are inspired by a suggestion from Load 07 and will requirethe use of your skills to solve.

If you receive a skill challenge,headover to Sherlock in the forest near Catherby who will be able to  Buy wow gold helpyou.