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Major MDV 3100 power plants in China.CompanyCategoryInstalled capacity(MW)Annual power generation(109 kWh)Wangkui Bio-energy Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion252.75Shanxian Bio-energy Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion252.29Shenzhen Nanshan Waste Refuse Power StationRefuse incineration120.9Meihekou Bio-energy Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion503.5Hongze Biomass Thermal PowerStraw direct combustion151.0Awati Bio-energy Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion120.8An\'qing Biomass Power Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion301.95Suqian Straw-Fired Biomass Power Demonstration ProjectsStraw direct combustion241.56Suzhou Biomass Power Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion251.56Sheyang Bio-energy Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion251.5Rudong Biomass Power Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion251.5Yitong Biomass Power Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion301.8Changchun Biomass Thermal Power Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion301.8Haikou New Energy Power Co. Ltd.Refuse syphilis incineration241.4Chifeng Bio-energy Co. Ltd.Straw direct combustion502.75Dongguan Kewei Energy Power Co. Ltd.Refuse incineration361.96Yunnan Shuangxin Energy Power Co. Ltd.Refuse incineration301.5Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV