Anambra state Anambra State is a state in South

According to a report published in 2007 [8], only 20% of Nigeria\'s hydro-power potential is utilized, and the quantity of solar emission in the country is about 5.5 kW-hr/m2-day, yielding a huge prospect for BP 554 production if the total amount can be developed and utilized appropriately. Nigeria has been evaluated as having the capacity and potential for the application of wind energy [6]. In spite of this, the foundation and infrastructure for supplying energy to the vast population has remained heavily inadequate. Electrical power outage has become no less than a norm in Nigeria. No set of individuals, not even ministers, are spared. Some individuals (i.e., elites) who possess the connections and wealth to implement solar panels do so, while the rest of the population (middle and low income families) are left with no choice than to purchase imported cheap electrical generators that release toxic fumes detrimental to human health.
The remainder of the paper is structured as follows. In Section 2 we describe related work and we state our contribution. In Section 3 we analyze the current situation and introduce our case study. Section 4 outlines our multi-step approach. In Section 5 we put the approach to work and obtain a blueprint of a capacitated energy network. Section 6 discusses our results. Finally, in Section 7 we draw our conclusions and give recommendations for future research.