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In considering economic factors in technological innovation, including automation, a differentiation ought to be drawn up between the creation of technology and its adoption.

New products are developed mostly in Laboratories serving one company whose chief business is the production of such products, not research and development. New methods of production, however, are developed mainly in Laboratories that serve all of business. 2711p K4c20a Panelview Plus 400 is a splendid online database for new info concerning the reason for this idea. To get extra information, please consider checking out: 2711p-t6c20a8 panelview plus 600. Since the consequence of research is dubious, there's a considerable risk in new product development that any basic research will produce results whose worth, if any, relates to products not made by the organization. To study additional info, consider looking at: 2711-b6c1l1 panelview 600. Hence, research on new products tends to be confined to large companies with diverse product lines(Consequences of research can, naturally, be sold or licensed to other firms. This mitigates, however only partly, the drawbacks to a business of supporting a Laboratory whose results may not add to the firm's own product lines. Additionally, there are a couple firms which specialize in developing new products for other companies to make, but these aren't an important factor in developing new products.)

But for a firm engaged in creating automation equipment there is much greater assurance that any new discoveries it makes will fit its own business, because it doesn't anticipate to use the results itself but to sell them wherever they might have value in the creation of a service or commodity.

Most of the control apparatus developed for aircraft, ships, missiles, and space vehicles could be applied to, or modified for, the constraint of production procedures. Possibly more important, the basic science and technology that is created in developing weapons systems, and even more the scientists and technologists themselves, may be utilized in developing automation..