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One can bank on this two-wheeler as it truly offers a fantastic edge over the rest.The GoPed ESR(750) EX is fitted with acid energy cells, which go on to deliver over half of the total typical ESR(750) range of two wheelers. The two-wheeler gives the riders a chance to use the twelve-mile range with a top speed of twelve -miles/hour and also runs up to eight miles range in the Turbo Mode. This in turn allows the users to reach anywhere at a mind-boggling speed of twenty mpg. This two-wheeler is a must buy for those who wish to ride real fast.The GoPed ESR(750)H Hoverboard electric two-wheeler has been built on the lines of much acclaimed GoPed ESR(750) but the main feature would include the Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indespension. The mean of transport glides effortlessly without giving the feeling of movement even when carrying over 400 pounds. The two-wheeler offers 2.7'' suspension journey in the front with an additional 3.5" suspension travel in the rear. Hoverboard derives its name from the hovering phenomenon in order to accommodate all priorities.2. HCF 737PaceliteThe 737Pacelite Electric Two wheeler is a fantastic two-wheeler, which can be a first choice of any rider. Two wheelers' usual pick up speed is real fast. The HCF Pacelite too is a great two-wheeler with smooth pick up and a fabulous for uphill riding as well. It's the best option for all amateur as well as pro riders simply for its speed, power and dependability. The mean of transport is available as a two-wheeler and is priced at eleven thousand dollar. This is different from the three-wheeler V3 series, which is priced at fifteen thousand dollar. The mean of transport has two wheels placed right in the front for a more competent handling.The most refined feature of the spectacular scooter includes a super efficient gearbox along with aluminium make, drive train for weight fall. Also the aerodynamic technique is employed to diminish the pull. Centre of gravity is much low with firm structure and uniform weight allocation ensures better function. The Vectrix-Maxi is noiseless and includes a very competent regenerative braking system that ends up refilling energy in to the energy cell once again.Vectrix-Maxi suits commuters traveling on a daily basis. They cater to mainly teenagers and grown ups who are looking out for bankable transportation and is not restricted for riding in plains only. The Forsen two-wheeler is fitted with headlights, brake lights and other features.The Forsen-Hummer is a competent scooter, which travels for at least for twenty-eight to thirty-three miles/hour for a range of twenty-five miles when carrying one seventy five pounds rider. The thousand-watt motor along with its hundred-ampere controller enables double riding. It is easy to attain twenty-five miles/charge because it is equipped with the twenty-four V/forty Ah energy cell. This energy cell runs for three -four times more unlike the other two wheelers. The electric two-wheeler is fitted with three fifteen AH valve and rechargeable energy cells for a speed of fifteen miles per hour. Rare earth magnet manufacturer in China, neodymium magnet suppliers, neodymium manget China