S&A industrial water chiller for Wire EDM machine

A customer is in need of a new water chiller for their Wire EDM machine.  The cooling capacity of chiller require 4.3 to 4.7kw, target temperature of the water is 20 degrees Celsius, flow rate is 20 to 35 l/min and ambient temperature of the room would be approximately 70 degrees F.

According to the information, S&A have two models CW-6200BN250 and CW-6300BN250 for reference.
For CW-6200,  according to the cooling performance curve, if the heat load is 4.3KW, under 20C ambient temp, the water temp can be kept at 20C. But when the heat load is 4.7KW, the water temp will be around 26C.
The cooling capacity of the chiller changes with different conditions.
For CW-6300, it has absolutely sufficient cooling capacity for your requirement. But the air freight of shipping one to USA is very expensive.
So we suggest customer to choose CW-6200 if higher water temp like 26C is acceptable. 
Chiller water temp set range: 5C-35C.
Chiller operable ambient temp: max. 45C
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