Relevant Suggestions Regarding Traditional Burial And Cremation

Planning a funeral can be hard, whether you are organizing services for a person who has recently died or pre-planning for yourself or your husband or wife. The good news is that families can rely on a number of quality funeral facilities near York, PA for their funeral planning needs.

It is important to understand that there are essentially 2 funeral service types. Traditional services and Cremation.

Traditional Funerals
Traditional services are typically the most common, but cremating the remains has gained more favor in recent years. Traditional funerals incorporate a formalized service sometimes called a wake that allows loved ones to "view" the person and pay their respects to the one they love.

The wake service generally comes before a formal service at the funeral facility or in a house of worship. Many services can also be held outside too. The funeral may involve prayer reading or family and friends expressing their memories concerning the deceased. There might also be music or special mementos during the service.

A traditional service also includes a hearse to move the remains, embalming and readying the remains for the wake prior to entombment. Planning a traditional funeral may also entail floral arrangements, musical choices or mementos to be placed in or near the burial site.

Cremating Services
Despite what most folks believe, the choice for cremation doesn't negate the possibility for a funeral ceremony. Most funeral homes that offer cremation near Lancaster, Pennsylvania offer a traditional service such as a viewing before cremation.

The difference is in the procedure for taking care of the remains. When cremation service is chosen, the remains are cremated and the ashes are often returned to a family member in an urn. With a traditional funeral, a casket, cemetery plot and other services are needed. A burial marker is also generally placed on the burial plot.

No matter what type of service you decide on, be sure to find a trusted funeral facility for advice on which options are best for your family.

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