Serial Killer Graphic Novel

In Pursuit Of A Serial Killer is a fiction novel by Dr. White about the frustrations and emotions of police detectives in their pursuit of a serial killer. He is s a former Investigator Sergeant with the Dallas, Texas Police Department in 1976.

“The second Detective Sergeant Jeff Holland walked into the Collins home, he knew he was crossing the threshold of evil. He could feel it. He slipped his arms into a pair of pores and skin-tight latex gloves and put shoe coverings in excess of his size 8 loafers before meticulously going for walks down a brief hallway. It was extremely quiet. Eerily quiet. He acknowledged the stench of drying blood, but an additional putrid odor invaded his nostrils. An odor he realized only too effectively that arrived from interior organs. He brushed a lock of thick, brown hair from his brow, took an antacid tablet from a roll he carried and chewed on it as he approached the doorway of the master bed room. He stopped at the entrance and surveyed the inside of of the place. Years of police perform could not have geared up him for the sight”..

Detective Sergeant Jeffrey and other officers investigate an abnormal homicide. Detectives are amassing proof to catch the serial killer. They adhere to by means of a possible suspect to recognize the real killer. Finally gest. The killer could not scape
Uncommon murder, something more than a triple murder
As the Detective Sergeant Jeffrey entered the residing space, it seemed ideal. Massive pools of blood had fashioned all over the place. Arterial sprays jaggedly crisscrossed the walls like some mad artist’s generation. A lifeless physique lay on the flooring on the remaining facet of the space. Plainly a lady, judging by the mutilated breasts the corpse apparently lower and slashed by some kind of massive, wedge-like. All the loved ones was murdered, the man’s face had been smashed into an indistinguishable form. Wife was on the dresser, and the ten many years outdated woman was murdered upstairs in her place.

Commence searching for the suspect
Detective Sergeant Jeffrey, Detective Richard Davis and Gavin set up a team to check out the neighbors about strange incidents. They bring the forensic officer to determine composing on the mirror to Detective Sergeant Jeffrey call the Helicopter Division and notify them to get aerial photographs inside ten, no, make it 20 blocks of the property in daylight………

Serial killer