Know The Interesting Facts About Foam Lance

Know The Interesting Facts About Foam Lance

Foam lances are one of our best selling products and with good reason, in conjunction with a pressure washer they make car washing fun but more importantly reduce the risk of swirls and scratches often inflicted during the wash process. Using a foam lance is not only fun, but it is an additional step that can be taken towards safely maintaining your paint.  Introducing a foam lance into your wash process allows you to remove even more dirt and grime from your paint before you actually touch it with your wash mitt.


The Foam Lance allows you to obtain high pressure water mixed with detergent, producing foam. The Foam Lance has many design features to allow the user to spray varying distances while creating a wide range of consistencies of foam. Each foam lance is constructed with a solid brass body for maximum durability. They have an adjustable valve on top to fully regulate the amount of foam the lance produces by precisely controlling the water shampoo ratio. The spray pattern is also fully adjustable and each snow foam lance comes ready to go with the adaptor of choice which is connected to the lance by a stainless steel pipe.


The Foam Lance is constructed for heavy duty use with any pressure washer. The unique air injection system combines shampoo with air to create a thick wave of foam that clings to your car’s paintwork like fresh winter snow. It’s the perfect way to reduce swirls and maintain a flawless finish. This advanced foam lance features a large fluid tank as well as a high sweep jet nozzle that allows the Foam Lance to achieve full coverage on your car for the ultimate washing experience. The best part about the Foam Lance is that it’s Eco-Friendly! You may be wondering why these are such a good value, but don't be put off by the price, this is a high quality snow foam lance manufactured to the highest standards.


CAR CARE TOOLS is offering a selection of foam lance that fit with our brand: High quality construction and materials combine with a moderate price. We are offering a huge array of Foam Lance to our prestigious clients. These are highly appreciated for their superb finish and ease operation. In order to deliver a flawless range at the clients end all these products are rigidly tested against various quality parameters. In addition to this, nominal price are being offered on all our products.


The Foam Lance is the perfect tool for the professional detailer. It cuts down time and effort associated with manual washing to allow increased productivity. Plus, it’s always fun to have a foam car wash party!