Geriatrics: Taking Care of the Old and Infirm

Geriatric Services is a professional health service provided for the elderly and disabled. It is a service which involves coordinating and planning proper care for people who are old or disabled. Geriatric Service professionals work with the person concerned and their families to give them various health and social care services which help them become independent. Geriatric Service makes sure that the person's needs are met, thereby improving the quality of their life. It combines physical care and psychological care which ensures a wholesome approach.
Geriatric Service is provided only after thoroughly assessing the person and tailor made accordingly. It involves providing services such as nutritional services, housing, home care services and financial and legal planning. Such services help make daily life comfortable. The individual plan is carefully monitored and revised to meet the changing needs of the concerned individual and his/her family.
Geriatric Services managers are needed when the problems of your loved ones or of your family are becoming more complex and difficult to handle, making you uncomfortable. You need a manager when you may not be able to provide for the person concerned. Because of some other demands or responsibilities, it may be possible that you are unable to take proper care of the person. In such cases, professional supervision of managers is required.
Geriatric services provided by managers are based on vital aspects like human development, family dynamics and public and private funding. They have knowledge of human psychology as well as health and are comprehensively trained in all areas concerning social work, gerontology, nursing and other health services. They are professionally trained in various areas related to care of the elderly and ageing. They are expected to have in-depth knowledge about costs, quality and also availability of different services in their particular communities. managers help people in attaining their maximum functioning potential. There are various professional associations in the United States that conduct certification programs on Geriatric Service.
Geriatric Services managers help people overcome their difficulties and get through old age or disabilities. They fulfill various responsibilities, such as:
• Identifying the problems, needs and level of assistance required for the patient
• Informing the patient's family about the problems and the steps that need to be taken
• Providing counseling and support to help them lead a comfortable life
• Conducting care planning assessments for them
• Reviewing their medical, legal and financial issues
• Referring the person to doctors who are specialized in the patient's particular problem
• Providing for services such as in-home care and counseling
• Providing crisis intervention
• They arrange for rehabilitation centers and nursing homes if it is needed

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