Brief Describe About Our Products

Brief Describe About Our Products

Dedicated in manufacture, marketing, research and development of hudrocolloids, that makes it useful for mankind. Here are some products of us Polyanionic Cellulose, Acid Stable Xanthan Gum and sodium carboxymethyl celluloses.

Sodium carboxymethyl celluloses, used in ice cream, a tube of toothpaste, some laundry detergents and much more. Sodium carboxymethyl is derived from natural cellulose treated with chloroacetic acid. We obey FDA (Food and Drug Administration) rule and regulation, which recognize sodium carboxymethyl celluloses is safe in use as a food additive. In dry form sodium carboxymethyl is a white or slightly yellowis power. House quality management on safety and environmental protection ability has in our product. Also provide in time delivery with good service provide form our side. Our product are good quality with has environmental friendly for application in food.

All products have quality standard that we maintain still now. Our chosen CMC are mainly suited for use as binders and give high strength to the unfired substrate at relatively low addition levels while producing excellent plasticity, high-quality suspensions, uniform slurries and low residue upon firing.

Like that Polyanionic Cellulose is easy soluble in water, having excellent property of salt residence and reduce filtration loss. It can be used in different way like drilling/ completion drilling fluids and can reduce filtration very well. While drilling trough the rock surface, it slow down the solid accumulation in mud that will be easy for construction.

So, why not make deal with us for these excellent products. Visit our website right now.