The distinction between soil nail and self-drilling anchor

The distinction between soil nail and self-drilling anchor

Self-drilling anchor bolt is composed by anchor head,anchor nut,anchor plate,drill bit,centralizer as well as stop-grouting plug,among these,which is combined by anchor head part and anchorage section.

Soil nail is a long thin rod body to reinforce or strengthen soils simultaneously,the installation of soil nail can be realized by drilling boreholes within soils and cover the whole length of anchor bar with grout.

1)Soil nail is passive force,which means the deformation of soils will put some force on the rod body to prevent the further deformation of anchor bolt.

2)Self-drilling anchor is intensive force,which means prestress rock anchor according to the time of installation to inhibit serious deviation of rock mass before the excavation of foundation.

For The range of force

1)Soil nail is conducted with full length force and the force can be divided into two directions.Potential slide surface split soil nail into two parts,one of which the force is directed to crack face and the force of the other part will be turned against the landslide surface.

2)The former part of rock anchor if free section and the other part is forced section,so the frontier part will not be filled with cement.

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