Are ’Mice’ Ruining Your Business?

With very little fanfare, this year Google released their ’mice’ update, which is expanding their use of ‘mobile-friendliness’ (websites optimized for mobile devices) as a primary ranking signal. Unintentionally, they have created possibly the biggest local business pain point of all time. Millions upon millions of website owners will be (or already have been) affected by this update and they are urged to act fast in order to remedy the situation.

“This ‘Mobile-Gedden’ could be catastrophic for businesses and has the real potential to knock you off Google’s search results altogether and into the cyber abyss,” says Sean Lennon, CEO and Founder of Raindrop Digital Marketing.

“Google searches from mobile phones and tablets (like iPads) account for 62% of all searches and this is on the rise. So businesses must face and deal with this or run the risk of lost visitors, lost customers, lost sales and ultimately, lost profits. I’ve identified over 150 businesses just this morning in my local area that aren’t mobile friendly, which I will be making a point of contacting to see if they realise the danger they are in.”

Thankfully Google has created a ’test portal’ where local business owners can enter their website address to see if it is mobile friendly. Businesses are urged to go to to see if they pass the ’mice’ test.

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