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India's Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Industrial Coatings, Stainless Steel Wires, Welding Consumables and Speciality Mro Products. If you are looking for World Class Welding Consumables & Stainless Steel wires with Excellent Welding Performance in India. Stanvac Superon Group is a licensed manufacturing of international quality, superior featured Stainless Steel Wires, Welding Electrodes. Superon's multiple ISO - Certified manufacturing facilities, modern R&D centre, state of the art machinery & QC systems, ensure the production of world class quality... matching /exceeding the best produced anywhere in the world today, in these product categories.
Superon is amongst the industry leaders in India. By virtue of the most advanced technology sourced from the world's leading organisations, coupled with India's low cost manufacturing advantages, Superon today offers an un-parallel combination of technological excellence & cost effective pricing - "Best Value - Top Performance".
Some star products from our wide range are as follows:-
- India's lowest stub end losses & best weld ability, stainless steel welding electrodes.
- Stainless steel filler wires - TIG & MIG.
- Full range - 308L, 316L,309L, 309MOL,310, 347, 308H, 309Cb, 312...
Thick Wire (0.80 - 10 mm) Dia/Size of Wire: 0.20 - 10 mm
Fine Wire 0.20-0.70 mm
Grade Expertise: 200,300,400 .Super Duplex Steel .Monel Wire etc..
STAINLESS STEEL WELDING WIRES: TIG Wire is available in all ER grades With two side and one side embossed as per customer requirement .We also Embossed the size in grade and inches as per customer requirement.
We have unique and verity of packing like Plastic tube and cardboard tube, we are only Indian company who is providing mirror finish to our TIG wire for smooth surface and better welding Performance.
MIG/MAG wire is available in all grades With mirror finish and smooth surface .Our packing is unique with lot of packing Option in spool/Drum like SD 300,200,270 Both in Plastic and Metal Spool or in cardboard drum if required. Grades Available with us -ER 308L, ER 308LSI,ER 316L, ER 316LSI, ER 309L,ER 312,ER 307,ER 430,ER 347 ETC.... Plastic Tube /Card Board of 10lbs/5 kg SD 270, SD 300,BS 300 of 5-15 kg (10-33 lbs)
Welding Consumables

a) Maintenance Welding Alloys
- Joining
- Hard facing

b) Steel Fabrication Welding & Hardfacing
- E 6013
- E 7018
- E 7018 - I
- Chrome moly & High Tensile Strength Consumables
(E 7018-M, E 8018-B2, http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/rigid-flex-board.htm E 9018-B3, E 11018M...)

c) Stainless Steel Welding Consumables (E 308L,
E 316L, E 309L, http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/flexible-pcb.htm E 347, E 309 Mol...)
- Stainless Welding Electrodes
- Stainless Steel Filler Wires (TIG & MIG)
Stainless Steel Welding and Non-Welding wires

- Stainless steel MIG / MAG wires
- Stainless steel TIG / WIG wires
- Stainless steel non-welding wires, Wires Soft Annealed,
EPQ Quality, 1/8 Hard, 1/2 Hard, 3/4 Hard & Full Hard.
Electrical Maintenance

- Cleaning (Aerosol & Bulk)
- Insulating (Bus Bars /PCB's /Motor End's /Batteries
/Pylon's / Electricity Poles...)
- Dielectric Safety Flooring (Class A & B)
- Passive Fire Suppression Cable Coatings & Firestops
(Mortar & Mineral Wool)
- Anti-Track Insulator Coatings (Indoor & Outdoor)
- Molten Metal Splash Protection Wraps
Utility Coatings

- High Tech Corrosion Prevention : MATS (Moisture/ Water, Acid, Temperature & Soluble Salts)
- Bio Film Prevention in Cooling Towers & Raw Water
- Pump & Heat Exchanger /Condenser Ceramic Coatings
- Acid Resistant Novolac Epoxy Coatings / Linings
- Rust Tolerant Primer / Finish
- Immersion Service Corrosion Prevention
(Water Treatment, ETP's, DM Plants...)
- Long Duration Structural Corrosion Prevention Coatings
(2 Step Systems-5 years Warranty /10 Years Life)
- Pipeline Strengthening Wraps
- Exhaust Manifold Thermal Insulation Wraps
Mechanical Maintenance
- Aerosols
- Bulk Cleaners
- Repair Epoxy Putties & Sealants
- Leakage Sealing-Pipes /Roofs /Transformers.
- Speciality Greases & Lube Oils.
- Conventional Greases & Lube Oils.
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