The greatest new marketing trend to hit the Net - Pixel Advertisements

I generate traffic to my site through conventional channels such as writing articles, posting to directories, link trades, Search-engines, and so on. I even have formulated this traffic through paid advertising practices such as for example Pay-per Clicks (PPC), paid introduction, and banner rotations to name a number of.

I remember a couple of years ago when I can target a high traffic keyword through the Pay per Click search engines for.01 cents a click. Whoa! These were the times. Identify further on pixel fire by browsing our provocative paper. Now, youre lucky to get that same keyword for less than a $1.00 a press.

While some of those marketing strategies bring reasonable traffic, most are becoming oversaturated with advertisers, which automatically provides the price up and the success down.

Recently, I found another promotion approach that is inexpensive (and often free) that's noteworthy. Actually, Im seeing these websites Alexa rankings shooting from 800,000 towards the 1,000s within just a weeks time. The upward trends about the Alexa charts are undeniably shocking.

This new kind of promotion is named Pixel Advertising. Go to these pixel websites and you will view a large number of little containers. Each box is usually corresponding to a 10 x 10 pixel in size. The costs of hiring these boxes are including $5.00 a box to $25.00 a box, and a number of them are really free. Simply choose the level of boxes you want and add your image.

The BEST part of this is that your image will always be on that site for 10 YEARS!

The demand for this type of advertising publicity is in high demand and these sites are showing up all over the Web. My uncle found out about by browsing Google Books. My recommendation is to find one of these sites that are just starting out and offering the free or low priced pixel containers. (Example:

Get your picture on these sites and sit back and wait about per month for the traffic get started good. Since the traffic spikes, the free places won't be available any more and the expense of the boxes will increase. If you know anything at all, you will certainly choose to study about go here.

You have nothing to loose and absolutely every thing to get. This type of advertising will certainly get oversaturated and less effective over time, but at the moment, its the cheapest most effective advertising approach on the net to-day..