What To Wear And What Does it Take to be a Paintball Sniper

How does one become a paintball sniper? First of all what is a paintball sniper? A paintball sniper is different than other paintball participants in that they don't just run around and fire shots at other paintballers. Snipers are taught to be much more calculated in how they perform. They lie low, usually hidden or camouflaged from the other paintballers in the game, waiting for unsuspecting players from the opposing team to come into their firing range. And then whammo, they fire off their shot and their opponent never sees hunting gears it coming.

You see the paintball sniper player play a very different and well defined scope in the game of paintball. It takes lots of patience to act as a paintball sniper marksman. Not only does it require patience and a good hiding spot it also requires some different paintball equipment. Here is a list of specialized equipment that all sniper paintball players own.

- Feed Neck Clamp Style Hopper Adapter

- Silencer

- Sniper Barrel

- Rail with Mounting Screws

- RIS Bipod

- Universal Dual Offset Mount

- Scope Mount Base

- Easy Flow Hopper

- Tactical Sniper Scope

- Ghillie suit or Camouflage Vest and Pants

Obviously if you want to be a serious paintball sniper you need the proper gear and it all begins with the sniper paintball gun. You must have a silencer. You don't want to be heard when you fire off rounds at your opponent.

It is also a must to have a scope to see your opponents from a far location and then line up your target. Along with those options you are for sure going to want a proper sniper barrel. Something not known to most people but a sniper barrel acts much different than a typical paintball gun barrel. A sniper barrel is architected differently so that it changes the trajectory of the paintballs' flight. A typical paint ball shot out of a marker will follow an arching pattern out the gun, much differently a sniper barrel will shoot the paintballs in a much straighter fashion with very little arch on the shots. This is one factor that really makes paintball sniper guns different than other paintball suit markers.

It is also critical to have a very sturdy bipod. As you are lying down in position to make kill shots, you have to have a steady gun. Even the steadiest hand in the world won't compare to a sturdy bipod that is motionless and planted securely on the ground and will not budge.

If you take these factors into consideration and have the proper hunting gear outlined in this article you will be well on your way to becoming an amazing paintball sniper.