I've never had a meeting

From his office in doha looked out of the window, aluminium Thawadi pointed out that the cool temperatures on November 'great  this is a very good time. Put forward by the European club association on May 29, April 28 to disrupt the activities of the domestic less as far as possible the time. However, this is' too close to the Ramadan, this since April 2022 at the beginning of a month, al Thawadi said.Uefa President michel platini champions a 12 month FIFA President sepp blatter now 11 to 12 months of game play, this will avoid conflict with the winter Olympics Fifa 16 Coins.


FIFA's executive committee's final choice, is expected in 2016, and Al Thawadi said, 'no matter what happens, we will always to football's decision. ' 'Before this, FIFA's ethics committee chairman joachim eckert is expected in the days to investigate attorney Michael Garcia, become the widely accused of survey results released for tickets to the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bid competition. Qatar has repeatedly insisted that does not violate any bidding rules, and Al Thawadi said: "I've never had a meeting, I think the World Cup is threatened in any way ' ' 'Bid is questioned the harman, who is Asian football league chairman of Qatar in 2010, when the vote.


Twice expelled from world football  financial wrongdoing and his FIFA presidential campaign, and he led the afc champions  harman is accused of buying influence, for the Qatar bid. Qatar, at the same time adhere to hamann in their bid committee did not play a role of corruption charges.  Milestone man Wayne rooney has been proved that statistical data may lie 2018 and 2022 World Cup will remain in Russia and Qatar Buy Fifa 16 Coins.