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What Can You Print with Anyprint3D Printer?

Recently, 3d systems printer costs lower than 1000$, that a big challenge for other 3d printer manufactures. Due to this reason, the desktop 3d printer price of Unique Technology has dropped dramatically to cope with the price war. No matter you are a hobbyist, or a professional buyer, we are committed to provide the best 3d printers, the top 3d printing technology and services. Our products cover FDM desktop 3d printers, 3d printer for house printing, 3d bio printer (a leading biological technology that help us win the national “863” programs), industrial 3d printers, food 3d printers and 3d scanners.

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What can you print with Anyprint 3d printers?

1. A House of Your Dream

In the future, houses made by 3d printer will be popular for the price of house will be affordable to anyone. Do you believe? The future 3 d printing building will serve as "environmental envoy", each day it will absorb the harmful dust, and people no longer have to worry about the problem of PM2.5!

2. Cells, Cornea and Organ for Medical Industry
In the future, with the aid of 3d bio printer, living cells, cornea and organs could be customized, which would contribute a lot to the suffering patients. It may solve the problems of cancer and break the Guinness record of longevity, and people would live a longer life!

3. Person Size Portrait
Now, celebrity wax figures are no longer access only to famous and rich. Thanks to industrial 3d printer, ordinary people have the chance to own a person size portrait. Don’t worry about the imaging issue, for we also provide human body 3d scanner with high resolution. 4. Fashion and Wearable Equipment
In fashion field, 3d printer also plays an important role. Customization of jewelries and wearable equipments are popular now, such as earphones, you could find them being sold everywhere. Clothes and shoes using 3d printing technology also add new element to fashion world. We have to admit it is a new trend.

5. Chocolate Desserts

Chocolate is the favorite food for many children. There are many chocolates for sale at stores, but none of them has customized shape. Chocolate 3d printers are mainly for cake stores and household kitchens to make chocolate dessert. Believe it will bring more sweet to your life.

6. Useful Tools and Art Crafts for Kids at School
Kids are the future of a country, so governments are paying more attention on educating kids with advanced technology. They encourage schools to buy 3d printers so as to let them know what is 3d printing, and what it can print. With a cheap 3d printer, they can print cartoon models and useful tools that they want.

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