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Was studying online for a degree in environmental biology, but I had baby brain and found it hard to concentrate on college work. Designing dog wear seemed like the perfect solution. She donates some Legitimutt proceeds to animal shelters around the world and has purchased spots on local TV news to raise awareness for Fur Angels.

Members of the LGBT community, whether from India or abroad, are not allowed to hire surrogates. Dr Manasi Mishra reveals that homosexuals were allowed to opt for surrogacy in January 2013, but the clause was revoked just three months later. That homosexuality is still a criminal act and LGBTs are not permitted to adopt children in India doesn help matters.

The brand founder and chief creative officer Tamara Mellon created a bottle and box that represented her personal tastes. The bottle design was inspired by jewel colored Venetian Murano glass and complements the brand many crystal encrusted shoes. This confident and sexy scent is worn by many women worldwide..

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Tinted pastels, pale rose, lavender, primrose, mint and salmon are the most delicate palette of the season. Neutrals are more feminine and ethereal, ranging from platinum to putty and tan to toast. White remains a lynchpin, sometimes accented with black.