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Only Entertainment-Bad Religion That's Entertainment-Judy Garland When you read the lyrics of The Jam's and Bad Religion's songs, and read about the history of the Judy Garland highlights film, what is your sense of the kind of material that makes for entertainment? Try it out. Which kinds? I get to feel jealous without having a cheating spouse, excited by the comedy news intrigue of adultery without being an adulterer, and intimate without ever actually talking to a living human being. Broadway may not be churning hit after hit like Hollywood does, but for these long-time players, their stage outings have been one smooth ride. Is there such a thing as “only entertainment”? Was one more entertaining than the other? What for?

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Here are Broadway's highest grossing musicals of all time. It is a highly divisive issue. Which kinds? How? In short, I get to feel. Less likely to do something productive in the world around you? This guzzle article has all the answers. Some researchers believe that feelings are the way we human beings experience our world most fully, but is there a price to pay when we feel our emotions in a way that's disconnected from the physical world around us?