The 5 Simple Rules For Using Natural Glamour Foundation

The 5 Simple Rules For Using Natural Glamour Foundation

There is nothing more beautiful than a smooth skin complexion and Natural Glamour can be one of the soothing makeup products to apply to your body.

These easy and simple steps will help you to achieve a perfect skin of your choice.

1.    Choose the perfect colour

Choosing the matching colour for your complexion may be obvious, but it is never out of place that even makeup artists get wrong sometimes. Have you ever seen a celebrity on the red carpet wearing a colour on the face and another entirely different colour at the neck? Try different colours of natural glamour to your hand for feeling, and then test the colour to the jaw line to see if it blends in well to the neck. 

Do not test color to your wrist because your body is usually darker than your face and neck. And it is not just about the colour rather the foundation formula should work with your skin type, too. If your skin is oily, choose an oil-free foundation.
Please, be informed that any formula that is not compatible with your skin can oxidize after a few hours so that a shade that matched out of the bottle turns darker and no longer looks right. Therefore, it is better to get a product that makes your skin look fresh after five hours. 

2.    Use the proper tools

The natural glamour you are applying needs to finish looking smooth and blended into your skin properly. For some people, a brush is the best tool for the job, while other prefer their fingers. Applying foundation to your skin with your hands acts as a moisturizer because it allows you to really press it into your skin without looking spotty. In fact, do what works best for you.

3.    Get your canvas ready

Applying Natural Glamour over a dry or oily skin only serves to highlight the issue. To create a smooth canvas, cleanse and exfoliate before you even open your makeup bag. Then apply a moisturizer with sunscreen, or a primer if your skin is on the oily side. A primer can also help to lessen pores and fine lines. 

4.    Select your coverage

Choose a formula with coverage as light as your skin can handle in order to obtain the most natural look of your complexion. Fresh and well-toned skin can be alright with sheer formulas; whereas complexions with more problem areas will need more coloured foundation. 

The technique you use will help determine your coverage too. Build foundation on the areas that need it most. Such areas include the nose as well as the nostrils, the chin, and center of the face.

5.    Mix powder and concealer together

Foundation works best when part of a team adds concealer and setting powder. Use concealer to increase coverage on the areas that need it most, such as under eye circles and blemishes. Lightly dust setting powder over the important areas such as the forehead, nose and chin, to keep foundation in place, and to help cover up problem skin.  

A smooth and beautiful face is something we all are searching for. It is the work of Natural Glamour to help you achieve that.