Thetoolbelt has no prerequisites

Theseare the first of many upgrades and improvements to reduce the number of‘clicks’you WOW Gold perform in RuneScape,so expect more to come.Cheap RsGoldConversation UpdateWe are upgrading the main chat panels you seewhen interacting with NPCs.We’ve gone for a modern,fresher look,while still retaining something unique and fitting for RuneScape.Theseupgrades are not just graphical:you’ll be able to use number keys toselect from multiple chat options AND press the space bar instead of’Click to continue‘.You can even hold down the space bar to fast-track through conversations.ToolbeltOn release,you’ll notice a brandnew button,accessed via the worn inventory screen.

This is thetoolbelt,and it will act like a new equip’slot‘that can carry allof your basic tools:from farming implements to tinderboxes.Thetoolbelt has no prerequisites and won’t occupy any inventory or wornslots.Using it couldn’t be simpler,as all resources can now besingle-clicked,meaning you won’t need to withdraw a tool in order touse it.Rs MoneyMoney PouchAt its core,the money pouch is like anadditional and free inventory slot for coins.You can use your pouch tostore up to 2.1 billion GP and,in MOST situations,coins picked up areadded directly to your money pouch.

All financial interactions are nowhandled directly by the pouch,so you won’t need to withdraw cash intoyour inventory to use it(although you still can,if you Buy wow gold wish).