Find Best Designs on Custom T-shirts Windermere


While the graphic designers have started exploring in some of the latest graphic programs, the only sections whee they fall short at times are the level of creativity and skills. With these two things being conceived as the brain child, rest of it gets sorted out with the right amount of knowledge and technical support guided by experience. With the advent of technology, the designers have started taking their designs beyond the computer screens and bring in the same result on the t-shirts. This entire endeavor may end up being a tricky and depends a whole lot on the technicality of the design and the variety of materials that are being used. While this entire design is transferred from the screen to the fabric, a new set of limitations are introduced and there needs to be some consideration when the custom t-shirts Windermere is the final destination for the artwork to be printed and published.


Knowing the limitations help out in sorting half of the problems and the battle is already half won. If you're aware of the problem and can at least expect the limitations, you can outright plan and take the necessary preventive measures. Using the fabric as the mode of printing has got some constraints in itself because of the printing process and the porousness of the surface on which the printing is to be done. But these are some of the problems which has got easy solutions.


  • The first problem faced while taking fabric as the medium of printing is its absorbent nature. Since paper is not absorbent at all, there are minimum chances of any color mixing and hence the best image gets translated from the computer screens. To find similar effects on the fabric, one needs to run the white ink twice with flashing in between each printer run. Another common technique that is being used for printing inks on some dark bases is by using the white under base. This has turned out to be an effective method in getting the colors as bright as possible.
  • As the process of screen printing gaining its popularity, the colors that are used in the designs are printed with a short gap in each individual period. The gap in between is sufficient enough for the colors to spread and as a result of it, there are fair enough chances for the details works to be lost, if it is too fine-grained. The main reason for this color to spread is the lack of tightness in the mesh, which allows the ink to come through the bigger blobs and spread the ink more. This can be easily sorted out be lessening the intricacies in the design. Keeping a design too complex in t-shirt printing Windermere can ultimately end up being its reason of downfall.


The printed t-shirts are generally worn both indoors and outdoor, in all possible climatic conditions. So it is quite natural that they'll be subject to extensive cleaning process, which might fall some definite impact on the designs and the inks used. So it is better to sort out with the limitations and take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid them.