Generally speaking, people resist change as it strikes at their mental security.

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Generally speaking, individuals resist change because it strikes at their emotional security. They resist technological change especially, since it involves real or imaginary social turmoil. Workers do, however, accept new techniques when consulted in advance and allowed to participate in the operation; otherwise, they frequently use their ingenuity to outwit the coordinators and management. The workers have to be convinced by real demonstrations that they're going to share in the advantages obtained by improved techniques and greater effort. Automation may be seriously jeopardised, unless management foresees the workers' approach and forestalls its results. True consultations are vital, not just obscure commentaries and plenty of pamphlets.

The items of consultation are to air grievances, seek suggestions from workers on production problems, and build up a feeling of partnership and involvement. The success of introducing automation depends considerably on management's ability to request the support of the employees concerned.

It is also significant to train successful managers, i.e. people with skills in the technical, administrative and human relations areas. Above all, it is crucial to avoid acting arbitrarily and without warning, since this approach creates anxiety and mental insecurity, feelings which in some instances result in sabotage and blockage. If people claim to dig up more on 531x111pshawg3 on-line, there are millions of on-line databases you should investigate. In all this, trade unions and management have to playan important part..