Consinee Silk Yarn

Silk is an important natural fiber of Consinee Group. The Fall/Winter series Nm2/28 55% silk 45% cashmere is a classic series of our cashmere products.
About Silk and Silk Yarn and is popular in market. Besides Consinee also has many other silk yarn or silk blend yarns in woolen, worsted craft and fancy yarns. And we provide stock service of MOQ 1kg. Welcome to know more by visiting

Silk yarns and fibres are unravelled from a cocoon, the metamorphosis chamber of the silkworm. This Bombyx mori caterpillar hatches in warm spring temperatures from an egg the size of a poppy seed. After 30 days of continually eating mulberry leaves, the silkworm is the size of a full piece of writing chalk, and the mulberry leaves have been transformed into a semi-liquid protein called fibroin.

When the silkworm's biological time clock triggers the cocoon spinning process, the fibroin proceeds to the spinneret, an orifice in the worm's head. It is coated with a second gummy protein called sericin, The silkworm rotates its body 200,000 times in three days extruding through the spinneret one continuous strand of silk the length of 12 football fields. The silk adheres to itself, forming the cocoon.