K is generally considered to

K is generally considered to be 0.729 with c1 = c2 = 2.05.
3. Grey Predictor
The first reference to “Grey” was initiated by Ju-Long Deng in 1982, in the research entitled “The Control Problem of Grey Systems” in the journal, Systems and Control Letters [30], [31], [32], [33], [34], [35] and [36]. For simplicity, the “Black” is usually represented as lack of information and the “White” represented as known information. Hence, the information that 17-ODYA is either incomplete or partly known is called “Grey”. We can roughly conclude the incomplete information as four possible categories [18]:1.The information on parameters is incomplete2.The information on structure is incomplete3.The information on boundary conditions is incomplete4.The behavior information of movement is incomplete
In general, the Grey Modeling is performed through building GM(β,γ) model known as Grey Model, where β is the order of the differential equation and γ is the number of variables. Grey theory has been successfully applied for solving control problems [19] and [20] and in wind energy industry [21], [22], [23] and [24].