Fig nbsp xA Comparison between ANFIS and ANN predicted

The experimental test matrix required data collection in all seasons with different weather conditions at various levels of solar irradiance. The tests are performed with the propane-fired auxiliary storage water heater with and without incorporation of space heat loads. Each test spans 24 h beginning at midnight. The draw schedule 4-Methylhistamine based on domestic hot water loads used in testing at the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT) [55] and [56], a time-of-use pattern following a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) runs for 24 h with varying draw volumes and flow rates. The air handler runs at specified times throughout the day according to a specified schedule of space heating draws. The air handler draws water at a 15 l/min rate, and the draw continues until the specified amount of heat has been output.
Parameters selected as test variables include season, cloud cover, and system configuration (DHW with and without SH). A data logger with control capabilities is suberin used to log data. The programme execution interval is 10 s to increase control accuracy and log more accurate summations of heat transfer. Data is logged every 1 min as an average or totalised value, as appropriate. The value ranges and estimated errors in the measurements of solar radiation, temperature and flow rates, and the estimated uncertainties in the calculated parameters are provided in Ref. [15].