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Electricity generation from wind JNJ 303 is obtained in LABDER by a aerogenerator with 5 kW peak power and 3 kW for winds with a 12 m s−1 speed (Fig. 2). Located at the top of a 16 m tower, this system is composed by a three pales 3.5 m diameter wind turbine with an electrical machine connected to the turbine axis. This electrical machine, optimized for the available power of the turbine, is a synchronous one with the excitation provided by permanents magnets.
Fig. 2. Power dependence on wind speed.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
The system includes a rectifier and inverter devices, with a 3.2 kW power and input voltages in the range 350–500 V, that matches the output of the wind system to the microgrid frequency, and a dumping load to receive that fraction of the generated electricity that the microgrid cannot absorb.c)Biomass system
Biomass energy in LABDER is provided by a biomass gasification plant. The gasifier with a consumption of 13 kg/h of biomass (with 10% of moisture) produces about 30 Nm3/h of syngas that, when burnt in a gas internal combustion engine, provides a maximum electricity power of 10 kWe. Table 1 shows the main features of biomass gasification power plant.d)Hydrogen system